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Company Introduction


We will grow into an excellent company that leads the world.


As a multinational company, KOSCO is striving for efficiency and technological innovation through competition with global companies, and is exempt from trade regulations imposed by individual countries. Securing resources and manpower. Logistics savings. We are evolving into a global company with the advantage of securing potential resources.

Founded KOSCO General Construction with the goal of constructing comprehensive sports and leisure facilities and providing the best construction capabilities and services through continuous technology development and management innovation activities. KOSCO has boldly reduced the proportion of low-profit businesses through constant investment and research innovation. We have diversified our business with extensive experience and expertise from professionals in various fields. Our expansion includes the marine and shipbuilding industry, semiconductor manufacturing, automated production facilities, battery production, chemical sector, and concrete business. This growth is not limited to domestic markets but extends globally. We have developed a portfolio that emphasizes top-notch construction abilities and quality. Consequently, our efforts have led to achieving outstanding performance in a relatively short period of time. We are continuously working on opening branch offices.

Overseas corporation. The act of opening a branch extends beyond merely enhancing corporate competitiveness; it holds significant importance as it caters to the growing demand resulting from economic expansion and enhances international competitiveness as a result.

In addition, by competing with top-notch companies worldwide and possessing the highest quality and technological capabilities, we can establish ourselves as a company renowned for having the world's best technology both in reputation and in practice.

KOSCO is a semiconductor and offshore company aiming to expand into a global corporation. Shipbuilding. We are focusing our investments on batteries and intelligent production facilities while also retaining the world's No. 1 position in icebreakers and salmon farms. In addition, AI-based autonomous ships and electric vessels have been developed and are currently in operation. KOSCO values each and every customer's opinion and is well aware that customers are the driving force behind enhancing corporate competitiveness.

Under the belief that customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are developing a campaign to enhance competitiveness in quality, cost, technology, and service. In particular, trust in quality is established through international certification and the protection of intellectual property rights.

KOSCO will continue to make continuous efforts to repay customers' support based on infinite possibilities and ideas, and will grow into an excellent company that leads the world.






코스코는 다국적 기업으로 글로벌 기업들과의 경쟁을 통해 효율성 및 기술혁신을 도모하는 성과를 거두고 있으며, 국가별 무역규제에서 자유로우며 자원과 노동력 확보. 물류 절감. 잠재적 자원 확보의 장점을 갖추고 글로벌 기업으로 성장하고 있습니다. 


  종합 스포츠, 레저시설 전문 건설이라는 목표로 코스코종합건설을 창립하여 지속적인 기술개발과 경영혁신 활동을 통해 최상의 시공 능력과 서비스를 제공해온 코스코는 끊임없는 투자와 연구혁신으로 과감하게 저 수익성 사업 비중을 축소하고, 고 수익성 사업 위주로 사업구조를 재편하였습니다.

각 분야별 전문가들의 오랜 경험과 지식으로 사업 다각화를 이뤄왔으며, 해양조선산업, 반도체, 자동화 생산시설, 배터리, 화학, 콘크리트 사업을 확장하여 국내뿐 아니라 세계에서 가장 우수한 시공 능력과 품질을 배양한다는 포트폴리오를 구성하였습니다.  이러한 노력을 보여주듯 단시간 내에 최다 실적을 보유하게 되었으며, 여기에 머무르지 않고 새로운 도약을 위해 해외 각국에 법인. 지사 개설을 지속적으로 추진하고 있습니다.

해외법인. 지사 개설의 의미는 단순히 기업 경쟁력을 강화한다는 차원을 넘어 경제 성장에 따른 수요의 지속적인 증가에 대응하고 이를 통해 국제 경쟁력 향상에 기여한다는 측면에서 큰 의의가 있습니다.

또한 세계 각국의 우수한 기업들과의 경쟁을 통해 최상의 품질과 기술 능력을 보유하게 되면 명실상부한 세계 최고의 기술력을 보유한 기업으로 부상하게 될 것입니다. 

코스코는 글로벌 기업으로 성장하기 위해 반도체 및 해양. 조선. 배터리, 인텔리전트 생산시설 분야에 투자를 집중하고 있으며, 쇄빙선 및 연어 양식선 분야에서 세계 1위를 지키고 있습니다. 또한 AI기반 자율주행 선박 및 전기 선박을 개발하여 운행중에 있습니다.   

코스코는 고객 한 분 한 분의 의견을 소중하게 생각하며, 그것들이 기업 경쟁력을 높이는 원동력임을 잘 알고 있습니다.

고객의 만족을 최우선으로 한다는 신념 아래 품질, 원가, 기술, 서비스 부분의 경쟁력을 확보하기 위한 운동을 전개하고 있습니다.  특히 국제인증, 지적재산권 확보 등을 통해 품질의 신뢰를 인정받고 있습니다. 

코스코는 앞으로도 무한한 가능성과 아이디어를 바탕으로 고객 여러분의 성원에 보답하기 위해 지속적인 노력을 아끼지 않을 것이며, 세계를 주도하는 초 우량 기업으로 성장해 나가겠습니다.




KOSCO Group, Singapore Headquarters

Occupant Company 


KOSCO Holdings

KOSCO Industries




KOSCO Resort

KOSCO, KOREA Branch Office

Occupant Company


KOSCO Construction

KOSCO Industries



KOSCO Holdings - Korea Branch Office

Main Function


The office of the highest decision maker in Korea.
Strategy establishment
Fund execution
Audit work


KOSCO Industries - Taiwan Factory

The Main Business 


Semiconductor packaging

semiconductor inspection equipment

KOSCO AS - France Factory

Main Products


Factory automation equipment

Industrial robotics

KOSCO - Dubai Branch Office 

Occupant Company


KOSCO Industries




The main business

Group Sales Headquarters

KOSCO SD -  Norway Shipyard

Main Products

Icebreaker. Aquaculture vessels, Electric vessels. Special purpose ships, etc.

Large vessels such as LNG ships and oil tankers are supplied through outsourcing.

KOSCO, Norwegian Laboratories

Occupant Company


Major Bussiness

Unmanned navigation research
Ship electrical equipment research
Marine battery research
Robotics research
Automation facility research
System research

KOSCO SD - Singapore Shipyard

Asia Base Shipyard


The main business

Ship Building
Ship Repair

KOSCO SD - KOREA Branch Office

Major Bussiness

Ship design review and approval
Ship design research
Korean partner company guidance and supervision
Korean partner company inspection supervision
Various specifications management

KOSCO Japan -Branch Office

Occupant Company    



Major Bussiness

The group's overall business is being conducted in Japan, and as of 2023, KOSCO Japan supplies 6% of Japan's semiconductor imports. In addition, we are building a 75,000m2 battery recycling plant with the goal of completion in 2025, which will be able to process 11% of the waste batteries generated in Japan.

KOSCO Resort - Bohol Philippines

Bohol Beach Club

The new Bohol Beach Club has a total of eight-eight (88) rooms made up of eighty (80) Deluxe rooms and eight (8) Beachview Suites. All Deluxe rooms have a commanding view of the swimming pool and the beach while all Suites have their own unique view of the beach and the Bohol sea. Access to the beach, pool and restaurants from all rooms is very convenient due to the well thought of resort layout.


The Main Business 

Construction of Sports Facilities
Sports Flooring Manufacturing
Drainage System Manufacturing
Concrete / Plastic / Precision Mold

Factory Information : Yangju Factory 1 / Factory 2

ACO - Australia

The Main Business 


Professional manufacturing of comprehensive drainage systems


Polymer Concrete
High-Performance Concrete 
Cast iron and Stainless steel



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